Sunday, April 6, 2014

Checo's Cheeky Corner

Stop the clocks. Let's go back a year: Bahrain 2013 - a Checo Perez with a lot to prove at McLaren needed a good result that race... And he went for it: An aggressive Mexican battled it out against his teammate at the time, Jenson Button. A very intense wheel-to-wheel mid-race duel culminated at Bahrain's Turn 4, where Checo showed tough racing instincts while trying to be too ´cheeky´ at the end of the straight and turn into corner 4 on the inside... Ending up with a damaged front wing after having banged wheels twice.

A year later, Checo is driving for a new team, Force India, has a new teammate, Nico Hulkenberg, and wants to prove a point again, but his Turn 4 Bahraini moves haven't changed... And he went for that exact inside line manoeuvre at Turn 4 to overtake his teammate again. This time he made it stick beautifully, maintaining the Incredible Hulk behind him and finally crossing the line in third position, giving the team its first podium since Belgium 2009 and only the second in the team's history. Aggressive, dangerous, dirty, determined... Many ways to describe his driving in Bahrain throughout the years, but Turn 4 is certainly Checo's Cheeky Corner! 

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